Employment & College Degrees

Well written & researched article that people with young kids in their lives that they could influence and coach would find handy. Also good for people who are considering career changes.

A general guideline these days is that people are rewarded when they can do things that take trained judgment and skill — things, in other words, that can’t be done by computers or lower-wage workers in other countries.

1. The economic rules have been changing since the ’70s.

2. The U.S. produces a large number of workers whose skills aren’t needed.

3. Inequality is even more rampant than you think.

4. Time to consider getting a master’s.

2 cents:
For coaching and career guidance it is ever more important that your college degree be from a very well respected school. This means of course MUCH higher costs which translates into the need of exceptional high school marks and activities and parents/coaches that are fully engaged in finding financial aid (not loans). The fall back position would be loans.
It is imperative to decide what career one is focused on and then determine through research where does the employer of such careers look for candidates. Knowing universities is not enough, it is required to determine which universities are the pools of talent that the employers proactively recruit from and then target getting into those schools. This is information that will take digging but can be identified.

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