X-Files – the movie that should have been made

I’m not sure what you would call it, but below is a story-line draft for the third X-Files movie. The story starts six months where the second movie left off.
To this moment no one has read this and I have now decided to share it in hopes someone would get enjoyment from it.

I’m sure it needs editing and more development. My fantasy was to be able to sit with Mr. Duchovny and Ms. Anderson and develop the story with their insights.

Copyright 2008, 2012

11 pages

The X-Files: Disclosure

Budapest: Bilbao Group meeting: Five individuals in a sound proof room/booth. Discussion on what to do now? They are looking at photos of advances of ships in space. Looking at reports of seismic activity under the sea. The planet X/Nibiru/large planet size mass of meteor’s orbit trajectory. One of the individuals [AA] argues that we need to attack which means to share this information with the world, that we must make an attempt to save humanity. Eloquent speech about the dignity of human life, human’s existence and freewill, and that if we don’t act now are you really sure that what we are being told is not just a line? Other individual [BB] disagrees, we are no match, we have agreed over sixty years ago to assist the Mulder for preferential treatment during colonization of a new earth. The five discuss, voices become raised, and then a green light over the door turns on and the five look at one another, regain composure, open door, and enter room where about fifty people are seated. Audience of movie sees people that look like Kissinger, Rothschild, Bush Sr., Queen Elizabeth., and other world renown figure heads and leaders seated looking at the five as the enter.

Rock Springs, Wyoming: [assuming this is the location of the hospital and residence of Mulder & Scully in XF2 movie]: 1 hour later: An individual breaks into Mulder’s residence and clears a spot off his desk and places an envelope on it and leaves. Envelope labeled “Mulder: Urgent”

Scully at Our Lady of Sorrows hospital and she checks on Christian Fearon. He is in physical therapy and appears to be recovering well. He sees her and waves hi to her – she smiles and waves hi back. She walks down hall with folders in her hands and enters her office.

Mulder arrives at home with carryout food, places it on table in front of television, turns it on, and walks to kitchen and sees envelope on his desk. He looks around. He notices his answering machine is blinking. He pushes the button, “Mr. Mulder, the information you have received is of utmost importance and needs your immediate attention. Marzi Abu will be of great value to you. Mr. Mulder the time for action is about to run out.” Mulder picks up and opens envelope – and it contains

47(29’50.64”N 19(3’828”E

41(19’21.41”N 96(1’25.74”W

Marzi Abu

Mulder pulls out his cell phone and calls S, she answers and he plays her the phone message he received and then tells her the note contains two sets of coordinates [but does not read them off] and Marzi Abu’s name. They agree to meet at the hospital and Mulder leaves. Mulder calls Skinner and tells him about the call and the note. Skinner tells Mulder that he will see what he can find on Marzi and call him back. Mulder lets him know he is on the way to meet Scully at the hospital.

DC: Skinner enters the word Marzi into the FBI db and receives one hit – and the file is secured for a level much higher than his. Skinner looks at the monitor and picks up the phone.

DC: audience watches Marzi in his office. Note: high levels of security, paranoia or protectiveness, meek individual, dressed simple but clean and nice. Appears to be a bit obsessive compulsive, the office has one entry door into the main room. Off to the corner is a door with a simple old English skeleton key lock. Music in room is white noise. He is a Native American man. He has an assistant in his office Tom Meyer, Caucasian, dressed conservatively 70’s, long hair, goatee, and he is busy on a computer.

Rock Springs, Wyoming: Mulder pulls up to hospital and Skinner calls. Skinner says Marzi is named in Projects Grillflame and Stargate. He is a remote viewer, and going by the notes – probably the best. There are no photos of him in the files. His location is DC. Skinner has spoke with a contact who know Marzi and will pass the information you gave me to him. M, the contact is a friend and I trust her. If Marzi is comfortable with meeting or talking with you he will call you.

Mulder walks into the hospital and heads to S’s office. Scully stands up and Mulder’s phone rings. It is Marzi. He says he will meet Mulder& Scully– at his office and he gives them the address. He tells Mulder to hurry because for Mulder to be contacted in the manner he was and was directed to Marzi, then – time is precious and working against us. Skinner will send a helicopter from the Cheyenne office to pick them up at the hospital.

Mulder and Scully head out the hospital and Scully calls Skinner. Scully updates Skinner. Skinner says he knows, his contact called him and said Marzi was concerned about the matter and stressed urgency. Skinner thanks and hangs up and looks worried – looks at his monitor, around room, pulls gun out of his drawer and leaves office. Asks all calls to be forwarded to his cell phone.

Rock Springs, Wyoming: Mulder & Scully take elevator up to roof of hospital. Some banter but tense. People keep getting on elevator at different floors. Mention of M’s old apartment and something along the lines of “see, it was useful not to break all our ties to the past”. Watch exasperation and frustration develop on Mulder & Scully faces. Once on top floor for elevator, they take steps up to roof – 2 flights of steps. A minute later the helicopter arrives and it has just the pilot on it. He greets them verifies where they are going and is all matter of fact business – they depart.

DC: evening – Marzi’s office: Discussion, Marzi leads them to back room, to perform RV session with Mulder& Scully watching from a small room off the viewing room. Meyer writes the coordinates separately on pieces of paper and hands the first one to Marzi.

47(29’50.64”N 19(3’828”E – describes per RV process – Descriptions of Region, Budapest hotel, rooms, room, warns one is not human [much like looking in to an area from a satellite – zooming in]

41(19’21.41”N 96(1’25.74”W – same process – zeros into a hospital, wards, hall, room, and sees a child, idea of psyche ward, Nebraska, name keeps circling…. William

Scully runs out of room, startles Marzi, Marzi yells out to her. Marzi tells them to enter the coordinates into the computer – Google Earth – Omaha, NE: Alegent Center for Mental Health. Scully& Mulder look at one another – she enters the hospital’s name and pulls up their website. She calls the number and gets nowhere with the people. Mulder takes the phone and starts yelling at the operator. She hangs up.

Scully takes her phone back and calls John Doggett [Dogget] and updates him. Dogget says he will get William, they are in Chicago, Monica Reyes [Reyes] and Dogget will fly out there immediately. They will get him and return Wm to her.

Mulder pacing back in forth in the room and starts rambling about the Lone Gunmen. Says their names and Scully looking at him as Dogget finishes talking to her. Scully looks at him like he is nuts. She hangs up and says “what the heck are you talking about?” Mulder explains via rambling, the LG and they were pursuing the woman who was killing the super soldiers. That is how they died. Scully says it was Yves Harlow. What does she have to do with anything? Mulder explains if Wm is in danger Harlow may be the reason or at best Y may help direct us to who is pursuing William. Scully counters with no one said Wm was in danger. She looks at Marzi. Marzi shrugs. Mulder do you know something? “Its my gut” Scully looks at Mulder’s eyes and her eyes begin to fill with tears. Scully opens her phone and calls Skinner– can he locate the whereabouts of Harlow? Skinner says he will work on it – he will meet them at Mulder’s. He asks what is up? Scully says she will explain later just now locating Harlow is very important.

DC: Meanwhile [Mulder’s old apartment] – his apartment is broken into. No damage. Nothing stolen. Audience sees a person planting bugs in apartment and then leaves.

M, S, Marzi go to M’s apartment in separate cars. Marzi comments he is hungry so Mulder tells Scully they are going to stop by the Chinese carryout so they will be a few minutes behind her.

Dogget & Reyes on flight to Omaha and they discuss what they are going to do. Dogget places a call to Omaha FBI office. Reyes says jokingly – doesn’t he know using cell phones on planes is against the rules? Smirks. He pats his badge. Reyes says “dumb rule”.

DC: trespasser in SUV listening on headphones, using binoculars he sees Scully arrive at Mulder’s apartment. He puts sandwich away and takes a drink of soda. Scribbles on sheet to check pen is working and rips sheet of paper of dash clipboard so he has a clean sheet.

Scully up to apartment, gets inside the apartment, and Skinner calls Scully on her cellphone. Skinner tells Scully about Harlow and what little he can locate about her since the Lone Gunmen’s death. Skinner says her name has crossed paths with Morris Fletcher a few times in the past eight years. He has a couple agents following up possible leads where she may be. He asks again – what is up? Has Marzi provided any insight?

Scene changes to Fletcher in car and you hear Scully telling Skinner about meeting Marzi and what happened: Nebraska and Budapest. William and Mulder locating Alegent Center for Mental Health in Omaha, NE. Fletcher  picks up phone and dials – Harlow answers – nameless – using a voice distorter he tells her where William is and to be careful the FBI is looking for her but they do not know where she is.

Skinner tells Scully he is in his car and on his way to Mulder’s, she says ok.

Mulder& Marzi pull up and Fletcher watches them enter apartment building.

Mulder& Marzi enter Mulder’s apartment and after a brief moment Marzi becomes flush and starts looking odd. He appears to be paranoid. Scully sees him and asks what is wrong, Mulder chimes it couldn’t be the Chinese he has not ate it yet. Marzi puts a finger to his lips [shhh]. Mulder & Scully pull their guns, Marzi shakes his head and starts looking around. After a minute he points to a bug at a lamp. Scully now goes flush, looks at Mulder in panic and runs toward the door. She pulls it open and Skinner is standing there and spooked by the door yanking back. He is about to say something and Scully grabs his arm and pulls him into the hallway as she is shaking her head no. Mulder& Marzi follow Scully out into the hallway.

Scully tells Skinner Mulder’s apartment is bugged as she pulls out her phone to call Dogget. She gets his voicemail. She leaves message to immediately call her, Mulder, or Skinner. William is in danger. Mulder suggests leaving bugs alone and act like they don’t know anything about them. Scully and Skinner head to the airport while Mulder& Marzi go back into the apt. and make sure lights are on in the apt. They then leave apt via back door in basement and sneak across street and up to the roof to keep an eye on Mulder’s apt. and the street for any conspicuous activity.

Rushed driving scene of Scully and Skinner darting in and out of traffic heading to the airport. Skinner tells her he will drop her off at the arrival gate and he will swing back around to departing gate and enter that way.

Airport: D&R w/ Wm – plane lands and Dogget checks his cellphone complains he has a voicemail and the inconsistency of network connections. He listens to message from Scully. He then looks at Reyes and William, calls Scully. Scully & Skinner are at the entrance road to airport, she updates him about the bug and good chance someone is there to kill or kidnap William. They agree to meet at Skinner’s office. Dogget promises Scully that no harm will come to William. He hangs up. Dogget softly tells Reyes and William to do as he says he then gets up flashes his badge to a flight attendant and asks to speak with the pilot right now.

At rooftop – Mulder and Marzi watching apt and street. Marzi comments if Mulder’s life is always so “exciting” and Mulder makes smart-alecky remark about usually more so. Phone rings, Mulder gives “the look”, and it is Scully. She updates Mulder, Mulder says he has an idea – and ask Scully to call the phone in his apartment. She corrects him – “our” apartment. He smirks. He says for her to leave a phone message saying to meet them and Wm at Skinner’s office. She remarks but that is where we are headed. “I know, I know – trust me. I will call you in an hour.” Audience see Mulder place another phone call.

Scully tells Skinner who calls the FBI office and asks for the security office. He warns them of a possible intruder and for them to observe but do not apprehend.

Scully calls the apt phone and leaves message. Mulder& Marzi see a parked car a few doors down pull out of the parking place at the curb, do a u-turn and head away from the apt.

In the car Fletcher places call to FBI Agent Drummy [XF2 character]. Tells him everyone is headed to Skinner’s office – including Wm. Tells Drummy he knows what to do and hangs up. Fletcher heading to FBI building.

Mulder& Marzi leave and head to airport – super fast drive – and audience not aware that is where they are heading but learn of it when they see the airport sign eventually. Scenes keep cutting back and forth between: Mulder& Marzi hectic driving, Scully entering airport and inconspicuously heading up to the arrival gate, Skinner entering, flashing badge at someone telling him he can not park there and getting airport security to follow him inconspicuously – shows them picture of Harlow.

Airport: Y looks at screen and heads to arrival gate for the Omaha flight.

Scully& Skinner with four armed security officers connect and head quietly as possible to arrival gate. They are separated/fanned out. Scully sees Harlow from a distance and alerts Skinner who then signals security officers.

Y unaware – walking quickly – stealthily

Mulder& Marzi arrive at airport speed in through entrance and does sharp turn heading to cargo area [see sign]

Scully stops at top of hall for the arrival gate, Skinner continues forward with security officers.

At arrival gate – door opens – people leaving flight. Dogget and Reyes exit – w/o Wm. Harlow sees them and looks confused. Skinner and security officers corner Harlow and apprehend her. Dogget and Reyes walk past Harlow as she is handcuffed and smile at her. They meet Scully who looks at Dogget and Reyes with a questioning look and Dogget puts a finger to his lips and she follows them. As they walk down the hall a four person FBI armed squad hurry past them toward the gate.

Airport: outside plane it is being unloaded – see pilot walking Wm toward employee door of airport.

Drummy heads out of central room and heads to elevator. FBI security watching all floors see no one w/o access to building inside. Drummy enters elevator and gets off at floor where Skinner’s office is. Someone makes remark about Drummy, why is he here?, approaching Skinner’s office.

Harlow taken into FBI custody and placed in FBI suburban type vehicle. Skinner w/her in same vehicle.

Mulder shows credentials at cargo area to security officer in a vehicle who cuts him off. Mulder& Marzi proceed.

Dogget, Reyes, & Scully enter Scully’s car and head to Skinner’s office

Scene cuts back and forth between Mulder& Marzi as Dogget explains to Scully what the plan was – and M’s call. As he explains audience sees Mulder enter airport via employee door, walking up to an area where Wm is sitting and talking with a few employees. Mulder and Wm see each other.

Drummy gets a call, it Fletcher, who tells him to get out of the bldg that FBI was tipped off and he is being set up. Security observe the call and see him mouth – okay – and watch him turn around and head back away from Skinner’s office toward steps.

Dogget, Reyes, & Scully arrive at FBI building

Mulder& William shake hands

Security calls Scully when they see her enter and tell her that the person appears to be running away after receiving a call. Probably a tip. Scully says to capture him, don’t kill him, taser him, disable him, but he must not leave the building.

Security descends up Drummy, brief altercation, and he is tasered. Scully, Dogget, & Reyes arrive with him on the floor and he is being handcuffed.

Mulder calls Scully and says he has someone who wants to speak to her – passes the phone – and audience watches as she hears William say to Scully “Mom?”

FBI suburban arrives and Y is shackled. Skinner looks at agent and says to take no chances – agent nods, leans over and tasers Harlow. They carry her into the building.

Budapest: Bilbao Group meeting: A gentleman receives a call and he is told Drummy and Y have been apprehended. He looks at BB who disagreed earlier in the movie to Bilbao Group’s decision. Hangs up the phone and quickly but casually pulls a gun from his jacket and shoots BB in the forehead. BB falls backwards. He walks over as the other members scatter and stands over the victim and shoots him two more times – this time in the heart. He puts the gun back and calmly informs Bilbao Group that BB was a traitor and tells them what he did. The last sentence audience hears before scene switches is that “now, we need to discuss alternatives for the Renaissance…”

DC: Drummy & Harlow in separate rooms and shackled to the floor.

Mulder& Marzi arrive at FBI building with William and head straight to Dogget’s office, Mulder calls Scully to meet him there. Marzi goes to Skinner’s office.

Scully enters Dogget’s office – Mulder and William there. Warm, relief, emotional reunion/meeting/scene. Audience views the scene through the office doorway. Mulder turns as Scully& Wm embrace and closes the door so the audience provides them privacy.

Skinner sitting across from Drummy with Dogget and Reyes. Questioning him –  what does he want? What was he doing? Who called him? Meanwhile audience sees FBI investigating Drummy phone records etc.

Miles below Mt. Perdido, Pyrenees Mts.:  A well guarded room, a being at a desk and audience gets the impression of the immense power this person has. No name is given in the movie for the name of this person but we will learn that IT [referred to in this document as Qz] is associated with a project that the Bilbao Group code-name as “Renaissance”. He is looking at computer monitor and opens desk to retrieve an object that is not man-made. Turns it on and a door appears w/ a pad of hundreds of symbols – angelic script, Mayan, Aztec, etc. – he gets up and heads toward door. On monitor are images from security camera at FBI building of Drummy and Harlow in interrogation rooms. As it steps through the doorway audience sees this being morph into a reptilian-like creature – but only see it from behind, not the face.

IT1 walks down a hall that is secure and sanitized corridor that has many doors in it. IT1 walks continues down the corridor passing at least 20 stainless steel doors that look the doors to elevators.

DC: FBI building: Mulder, Scully, & William leave office and join up with Skinner, Dogget, Reyes, & Marzi. Mulder suggests that he and Marzi go back to Marzi’s office or another office in the building to see if Marzi can see more about what is going in Romania. Dogget suggests using truth serum on Drummy. Scully is against it. Wm explains he thinks he is supposed to talk to Drummy when he sees his image on the monitor. Wm shares a little about a recurring dream he has been having involving someone that looks like Drummy. Mulder& Marzi leave the room heading to Dogget’s office.

Marzi explains what he needs Mulder to do to assist him. Remote Viewing procedure. Marzi sees Bilbao Group and the removal of the dead member. He walks out of the room and sees the empty banquet room. Tables with staff cleaning up. He then experiences horrific pain and bright colors and sees a quick glimpse/flash of the eyes of Qz – and Marzi quickly disengages. He is visibly shaken, weak, profusely sweating. He looks at Mulder and says “he knows, he knows” and passes out. Mulder runs out of the room yelling for S. Scully& others hear him – she grabs William’s hand and runs out to Mulder. Marzi is okay, fatigued, shock possibly.

Various locations: VA, NY, IL, KS, Australia, China, Russia, UK, Africa, S. America, etc.: Different scenes play out to the same end – Indrid Cold/Mothman sightings, & messages all within minutes of each other. The message that everyone receives in their own language is “2 billion on 2, 22,12 it is near.”

Scully& Wm walking away from room where MZ is resting. Mulder is using the computer in Dogget’s office. Wm tells Scully he needs to Drummy. She walks up to the door and presses in a code and the door unlocks. Drummy sees S, then sees Wm. Drummy squirms and as Wm approaches Drummy – Drummy starts sweating, smoking, and screaming aloud, Scully in shock, Wm places his hand on Drummy’s shoulder and as he does so the shoulder starts to light on fire. Quickly Drummy’s body is engulfed in a paranormal fire. Wm backs away. Scully is mouth opened shock. Skinner, Dogget, Reyes, come rushing in to see what is left – smoldering ashes. William looks up at Scully and says “I knew it, I saw it, I don’t know why, I don’t understand.” Mulder comes running down the hall and sees the ashes and then picks up William and takes him into Skinner’s office, Scully follows and closes the door.

Dogget enters the code and bursts into Y’s room and tells her she has talk. She has been duped. Why William? Harlow says nothing. He leaves the room and comes back in and throws Drummy ashes on the table in front of her. “Do you know what this means?” Harlow asks what it is and Dogget tells her it is her partner. She says she does not have a partner. Interrogation – she gives up no info and does not admit to being called by anyone or working for anyone. Dogget leaves the room.

Dogget, Reyes, and Skinner are standing outside of Skinner’s office and Skinner says something about we are way over our head.

Mulder asks Scully what happened and she explains and he keeps looking at William who is nodding. Mulder explains he thinks William has magnetite in his blood. Suggests maybe Miller inoculated William with that the night she caught him at William’s crib. Mulder opens the door Dogget, Reyes, & Skinner standing in the hall and Mulder leaves the room and Scully& Wm follow. Mulder enters the code and tells Harlow – she is an idiot. You are being made a fool of and are being led one way and it is to do exactly what you are against. Wm enters the room and Harlow sees him and her skin flushes. Mulder informs her William is not a super-soldier next generation type of being. He is the destroyer of them and then explains.

Scene changes – a few hours have passed – and Scully awakens and sees the clock showing 7 a.m. and she sits up, looking around, Wm is on the floor near her – asleep. She gets up quietly and leaves office, goes to Skinner’s and Skinner is asleep in his chair and Dogget is asleep on the sofa. She looks at the monitor and sees Harlow is asleep with her head on the table and she is still shackled to the floor. She turns and Reyes says “good morning” sarcastically and says Mulder is in her office and she is about to make a Starbucks run. Scully enters Dogget’s office and Mulder is asleep in the chair, quite uncomfortably positioned in front of the monitor. She walks over to the printer and sees pages printed out. Reservations for Budapest leaving tonight. Mulder awakens and startles her with a humorous comment about sneaking. She then says well Mr. McClendon, I am not the only one try to be sneaky. He smirks. “Yes Helen McClendon” and she snarls’ her nose at the name.  He explains they need to get to Budapest as soon as possible and as inconspicuously as possible. She looks at the other pages, and he has made reservations for others [William and another female?] She is the nanny. Scully raises her eyebrow.

Mulder awakens Harlow with a can of soda, she makes a remark about wanting diet and he quips something about the alleged health concern of aspartame. He gives her the soda. He asks if she has thought about what he told her. She has. If William is not a super soldier then she has been used. She explains she does not know who the person is that called her just that he pays well and she believed they had similar ideologies. Mulder shows a print out of her cell phone over the last two weeks and then shares Drummy’s phone log and points to the common number. I suggest calling him and maybe we can get a lock on his location. GPS always on feature on his phone has been disabled so the only way to locate him is by the phone towers the call bounces from.

Marzi awakens and is weary and trying to get his bearings. Reyes is sitting on a chair across from him and she informs him that he has been “out” for six and a half hours. Marzi’s mind is racing as he is trying to piece together what happened when he suddenly remembers and sits up and says he needs to see Mulder immediately.

MZ enters knocks on Reyes’s door frame, Mulder& Scully turn and see him. Marzi tells them what he saw in the last session. Marzi shares that he believes he is a possibly that he is unwillingly a beacon that can be used to track William, Mulder& Scully and that he needs to leave them and get far from them. Mulder agrees. Scully says nothing and then nods her acceptance of the situation and his interpretation. Marzi says good bye and good luck.

Scully gets William and awakens him while Mulder heads to Skinner’s office. Eventually everyone is in Skinner’s office when Mulder shares what he and Scully are planning to do. M, S, Wm, and Y are going to Budapest and shares the aliases they will use and their goal of getting to the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest. He entered the coordinates into Google Earth and that is what is there. Whatever is going on – this is central to it. Whatever this had to do with Wm is there too.

Atlantic Ocean: 28.5367600 – 71.80664100 [Bermuda Triangle]: A ship and crew are experiencing electronic disruption of all their equipment when suddenly huge waves appear Maelstrom appears out of nowhere and quickly swallows the ship. Calm returns.

DC: Mulder, Scully, Harlow,& William at airport waiting to get aboard plane and see on TV monitor is the gate boarding area see on CNN/MSNBC news story about buzz on internet: Mothman sightings – interviews with a couple people visibly shaken and the areas around their eyes burned. Anchor interrupts last of the interviews with news alert – switch to desk at Norfolk – Missing ship and we received the following transmission recording from shortwave radio handlers: listen to last ten seconds of captain’s may-day transmission.

“Now boarding flight….” Mulder, Scully, Harlow,& William look at each other.

Antarctica: Amundsen-Scott Base, South Pole [ASB] 89(59’51.19”Scully139) 6’22.41”E Recording strong seismic activity about a hundred miles below the surface – almost directly below them. Scene plays out that something appears to be working its way up to the earth’s crust.


Disclosure: Part One ends



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