Syria: Missing chemical weapons?

It appears a important truth is being buried at the end of week news cycle, hoping it will not gain traction. I came across the story on Fox website but am surprised it is not in the major story bracket.  Panetta has shared that Syria has moved some of its chemical weapon stockpile in order to protect them but there is some question as to what exactly happened to some of them. “There has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. Where exactly that’s taken place, we don’t know,” Panetta told reporters. “I don’t have any specific information about the opposition and whether or not they’ve obtained some of this or how much they’ve obtained and just exactly what’s taken place.” 

Really?!  This of course means they could be in anyone’s hands, say AQ, Iran and so on. The article goes on to explain that Panetta is sure the main sites are secure, it is some of the other sites that are in question.

Again – really?!

This is NOT a non-story. This buried fact will show itself later. Just where and when?

Added: Curious, CNN has the story but has positioned it that everything is ok. Hmmm

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