Ottawa – out

A bit of interesting, possibly telling, news: Canada pulls out & closes embassy in Tehran while also expelling Iranian diplomats from Canada.

Here information can be found in reference to the caper referred to in the article.

2 cents:

Indeed a good question – why now? I don’t find it hard to believe that it is just as the Canadians are saying. Why? In today’s world of technology, leaks and so-called transparency (which is only that way if it provides positive positioning by those being so-called transparent) – I find it hard to believe that Canada – alone – got whiff of something. Personally I think the leaders in Ottawa should have left a long time ago, in fact why even have an embassy there? So anytime the Canadians actually wised up and left would lead to the question “why now?” Make sense?

Why share on this blog?

1. Further isolation of Iran means more pressure on them and also enraging them.
2. In the possibility the why now question is a whiff of something.

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