Admission Yet Lacking Honesty & Transparency

In today’s NYT there are two stories (1 and 2) that focus on the TERRORIST ATTACK on the US Mission in Benghazi. O’s pathetic administration while finally admitting it was a terrorist attack is not willing to completely let go of their attempted spin of the events. Read carefully Carney’s comments in response to 9/11 in the second article. As the writers point out in the article, O and his administration insist on downplaying the actual events that transpired that day. I believe that it will undoubtedly trickle down to what the administration will say that the FBI’s findings will be. Justifiably some members of Congress are infuriated by the shenanigans of O and his administration in reference to the events in Benghazi.

Who actually wants a president of their country to be so unethical?
How can you really trust them with the big and little things that come across their desk?
You – as a voter – as a citizen of the USA, what do you hope to gain from such a president?

These are the questions each voter needs to ask themselves and then answer themselves honestly.
Problem is many of the voters are unethical and they will simply keep lying to themselves and others.

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