A modern day parable in Syria: A warning to Israel about Iran

From Debka this morning:

“Israel and Turkey agreed last week to start pooling their incoming intelligence on the Syrian civil war, debkafile’s intelligence sources report exclusively. Exchanges will take place at the highest level between Mossad Director Tamir Pardo and Hakan Fidan, head of Turkey’s MIT.

The United States will also provide additional security for Syria’s southern neighbor by the relocation of US Patriot missile interceptors from West Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to northern Jordan opposite the Syrian border.

US Patriots were deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border last year.

The new Patriot deployment indicates that the Obama administration is now treating the peril to its allies from Syria as greater than the Iranian menace.”

The rest of the article is here.

2 cents:

Each day that now goes by with no tangible action in Syria and Iran; it paints O as the ineffectively slow so-called leader of the supposed free-world. See in reference to Iran, his decision not to use the military to stop their nuclear program build-up has been (stripped to the bottom-line) – no actionable intelligence that they are indeed manufacturing a nuclear weapon or have legitimate aspirations to do so. So he huffs and puffs “red-line” rhetoric and can not actually –  act. He figures in reference to Syria, the same thing will work. You know the whole lead from behind and huff-puff and then lo and behold ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE verifies chemical weapons were indeed used and now he has to blow the house down but alas and to know surprise to those who have a discerning spirit/mind – he stumbles and stalls. Now each day of no action translates into the real world picture that the Iran position and promises may very well be – EMPTY. Is it not reasonable to see the parallel?

What is playing out is a parable for Israel as to an important lesson they must learn and take into consideration on the Iran nuclear situation. Up to now you have ignorantly or naively based your policy on O’s rhetoric and promises; now – what do you do?



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Glory to God in the highest, THEN - peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14). So peace on earth and goodwill to the human race can not occur until their is first - Glory to God in the highest. This will never be accomplished nor desired by the UN or the USA governments. Hence the Second Advent.

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