Purpose and service

“The Christian life was never intended to be a matter of book learning or head knowledge.

God wants us to live out the life He created and intends for us to live.

The Bible tells us repeatedly to get knowledge and understanding. But then it challenges us to pursue wisdom, which is the application of knowledge and understanding in real-world situations according to God’s commandments & principles.

But we must take a step beyond the mere application of what we know – that step is service.

One doesn’t reach their full potential until one turns one’s skills into service for the Lord.”

~ Dr. Charles Stanley
How to Reach Your Full Potential
page 16

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Glory to God in the highest, THEN - peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14). So peace on earth and goodwill to the human race can not occur until their is first - Glory to God in the highest. This will never be accomplished nor desired by the UN or the USA governments. Hence the Second Advent.

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