No “mis” in the impression

A succinct synopsis of the stupidity and failed leadership of the WH and its chief empty suit.

See when you “lead from behind” what you are really doing is attempting to be on the winning side. When you play both sides you are doing the same thing.

When you are caught doing this you will not be trusted, you are perceived as trouble and you reveal your natural yellow colors.

It seems the people of Egypt understood where the inclinations of our so-called president was and is. Why our MSM did not show the banners that have been displayed over the PAST YEAR provides a hint of the fact that MSM is in many ways the Federal Media.

The mis-impression (as noted in the article) was only possible because the chief idiot was not listening, paying attention but more importantly because of the philosophical and religious inclinations he has – put another way – where his affinity lies. The truth of the matter is – there was no “mis” in the impression.


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