The WH once again sides with the Islamists / Fundamentalists

Egypt’s Morsi and his Islamist friends and peers the Muslim Brotherhood were given an ultimatum by the Egyptian national army – resolve the protesters’ demands – in other words come to some agreement or we will initiate a plan for the future of Egypt. Morsi has been packing government (national and local) positions with Islamists. The MB’s grip on the nation is tight and there is very little if not no room left for leadership in the country that has not embraced an Islamist’s position. Islamist is the new way to say fundamentalist since fundamentalist has been the consistent tag & position of the terrorist organizations. The political hand of the same body has allocated this term (Islamist) so as to give them a clean, righteous and respectable position which also should (they hope) muddy the connection between them and the terrorists.

So the protesters who want a secular society are not only left without a say in the government they are squeezed tighter and tighter by the religion extremism of those who have the power.

What is O’s reaction to the ultimatum? Would he side with the protesters and their plea for democracy and separation of religion and state powers? Ha! True to his colors which he refuses to admit blatantly in public, he sides with the Islamists. The impudent president of the USA, the person (note the non-use of the word “man”) who held his mouth when the so-called Arab Spring swept inside Iran – has once again scrambled to reinforce and strengthen the Fundamentalist.

It will be interesting to see how the events in Egypt play out. Shame on the president of the USA.

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Glory to God in the highest, THEN - peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14). So peace on earth and goodwill to the human race can not occur until their is first - Glory to God in the highest. This will never be accomplished nor desired by the UN or the USA governments. Hence the Second Advent.

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