So what really changed?

I’ve spent too much time this morning digesting the “news” aka “spin” of the “deal with Iran”.

I’ve seen the “historic achievement” called such by the Hussein Obama administration. I’ve read that “the West” has agreed that Iran has the right to pursue nuclear enrichment. I’ve read where Kerry says “no that is not the case, the issue was punted”. Israel in essence stating we told you he was brewing a bad deal and that the world has just become an even more dangerous place.

Earlier this week it was reported that the Ayatollah had issued his “red line”.

So what exactly is the deal?

The Geneva deal releases just over $4bn in Iranian oil sales revenue from frozen accounts, and suspends restrictions on the country’s trade in gold, petrochemicals, car and plane parts.

In return, Iran undertakes to restrict its nuclear activities. Over the next six months it has agreed to:

• stop enriching uranium above 5%, reactor-grade, and dilute its stock of 20%-enriched uranium or convert it to oxide, which makes it harder to enrich further. The medium-enriched uranium, in its hexafluoride gas form, is relatively easy to turn into weapons-grade material, so it is a major proliferation concern.

• not to increase its stockpile of low-enrichment uranium.

• freeze its enrichment capacity by not installing any more centrifuges, leaving more than half of its existing 16,000 centrifuges inoperable.

• not to fuel or to commission the heavy-water reactor it is building in Arak or build a reprocessing plant that could produce plutonium from the spent fuel.

• accept more intrusive nuclear inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, including daily visits to some facilities.

What does this mean?

1. MUCH needed funds are going to flow back into Iran.

2. Iran is allowed to continue nuclear enrichment.

3. The centrifuges that have not been assembled and turned on are to remain off-line.

4. The heavy-water reactor which is being built needs to stop. If I understand matters has absolutely no civil application – put another way – it is a military application.

The agreement is a six month document.

For a nation apparently desperate for funds, a six month pause is a wise course of action.

So what has actually changed?

They are receiving sanctions relief for allowing the pause button to be pushed.

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