Electric grid and its security in question

I have been concerned about terrorism attacks on our water supplies and the electric grid for a long time. Actually shortly after the 9/11/01 events I expected as the government (state and federal) reviewed and made plans to protect the citizens that we were going to see these two areas mentioned and focused on. To the best of my knowledge that has not happened.  I remember watching a documentary (don’t remember the name or producer) that revealed that the electric grid in the USA is actually antiquated and for lack of proper terms being held together by band-aids and duct tape.

I am running behind (big time) on my reading of THE WEEK magazine (best weekly publication IMO); now within 5 weeks of current date (it was as bad as 10 weeks behind). (Life sure can interrupt your plans.) In the Jan 28 issue the focus was the dangers that squirrels post to the grid (Scratching my head about the use of precious paper space for this article). The Feb 6 article reports the attempt of sabotage/terrorism that occurred in the Silicone Valley power plant in April 2013 and the spin is maybe the grid is more secure than we thought. (Again IMO – The method was the weakness not the strength of security.)

Something must be in the air. I know some people would consider the what appears as sudden mentioning of the electric grid in the news as preparing the way for something that is going to happen. Some would say it will be a false flag operation used to galvanize public opinion for some stricter legislation, say more use of CCTV in neighborhoods across the country.

Today – without looking for it – two more articles came across” the bow” about the matter: March 11 Washinton Free Beacon article: Report – US electric grid inherently vulnerable to sabotage and Fox News article via a different source reporting about the FERC study.

Takeaway from the four mentions I have come across this week? Time to the pull the trigger on the purchase of a generator for the home

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