Electric grid and its security in question

I have been concerned about terrorism attacks on our water supplies and the electric grid for a long time. Actually shortly after the 9/11/01 events I expected as the government (state and federal) reviewed and made plans to protect the citizens that we were going to see these two areas mentioned and focused on. To […]

Feinstein vs. CIA

Transcript of Feinstein’s speech today in reference to the CIA illegal search, seizure of files and intimidation of the Senate intelligence committee staff members. If you read the transcript which is very informative about our government and the CIA you will see toward the end the following: “I should note that for most if not […]

On eternal things – Satan and the human race

The purpose of this post is to get on a couple pages what I believe to be a reason why many people do not accept the Bible and specifically why they do not believe the doctrine of salvation as understood as perseverance of the saints who of their own freewill believe and accept that the […]