GM and the lack of CSR in the ignition issue on the Saturn ION

Article in the Guardian today

My wife and I can report from first hand experience the danger this issue caused.

We own a 2007 Saturn ION3. I was the primary driver of the car the first couple years then she took it over when we purchased a Highlander. In the first couple years I experienced three times when the ignition decided to turn itself off while I was driving. Two on a winding road in our subdivision and once on the highway. The first two times I figured I somehow bumped the key but the third time while driving on the highway I was certain I hadn’t and lets just say for a minute their things were REALLY freaking interesting. I took the car to the Saturn dealer and they looked at it and said nothing was wrong with it and that they were unable to duplicate the error. They suggested I check the weight of my keys which was not the issue for it contained the fob, ignition key and one house key. When wifey became the primary driver of the car she was aware of the matter and had changed her key ring to only have the fob and the ignition key. Guess what happened? Driving down a busy road the ignition turned off. We took the car back to the dealer and requested they change out the ignition tumbler and they said they did. Since we had the tumbler replaced we have not had an issue with ignition. Do you consider that coincidence? (please refer to Gibbs’ Rule #39 – There is no such thing as a coincidence)

If memory serves me correctly the CEO in 2001 was Wagoner. Seems like someone needs to talk to him and review files pertaining to him.

Electric grid and its security in question

I have been concerned about terrorism attacks on our water supplies and the electric grid for a long time. Actually shortly after the 9/11/01 events I expected as the government (state and federal) reviewed and made plans to protect the citizens that we were going to see these two areas mentioned and focused on. To the best of my knowledge that has not happened.  I remember watching a documentary (don’t remember the name or producer) that revealed that the electric grid in the USA is actually antiquated and for lack of proper terms being held together by band-aids and duct tape.

I am running behind (big time) on my reading of THE WEEK magazine (best weekly publication IMO); now within 5 weeks of current date (it was as bad as 10 weeks behind). (Life sure can interrupt your plans.) In the Jan 28 issue the focus was the dangers that squirrels post to the grid (Scratching my head about the use of precious paper space for this article). The Feb 6 article reports the attempt of sabotage/terrorism that occurred in the Silicone Valley power plant in April 2013 and the spin is maybe the grid is more secure than we thought. (Again IMO – The method was the weakness not the strength of security.)

Something must be in the air. I know some people would consider the what appears as sudden mentioning of the electric grid in the news as preparing the way for something that is going to happen. Some would say it will be a false flag operation used to galvanize public opinion for some stricter legislation, say more use of CCTV in neighborhoods across the country.

Today – without looking for it – two more articles came across” the bow” about the matter: March 11 Washinton Free Beacon article: Report – US electric grid inherently vulnerable to sabotage and Fox News article via a different source reporting about the FERC study.

Takeaway from the four mentions I have come across this week? Time to the pull the trigger on the purchase of a generator for the home

Feinstein vs. CIA

Transcript of Feinstein’s speech today in reference to the CIA illegal search, seizure of files and intimidation of the Senate intelligence committee staff members.

If you read the transcript which is very informative about our government and the CIA you will see toward the end the following:

“I should note that for most if not all of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, the now-acting general counsel was a lawyer in the CIA’s counterterrorism center, the unit within which the CIA managed and carried out this program. From mid-2004 until the official termination of the detention and interrogation program in January 2009, he was the unit’s chief lawyer. He is mentioned by name more than 1,600 times in our study.

And now, this individual is sending a crimes report to the Department of Justice on the actions of Congressional staff — the same Congressional staff who researched and drafted a report that details how CIA officers, including the acting general counsel himself, provided inaccurate information to the Department of Justice about the program.”

This is the kind of stuff that is supposedly (wink, wink, nod, nod) fiction.

I am trying to locate the name of this individual. If someone knows please share.

CIA Director has already commented that her comments and accusation “that’s just beyond the scope of reason.”

On eternal things – Satan and the human race

The purpose of this post is to get on a couple pages what I believe to be a reason why many people do not accept the Bible and specifically why they do not believe the doctrine of salvation as understood as perseverance of the saints who of their own freewill believe and accept that the Jesus of the Gospels is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, God manifest in the flesh, the one who gave His life as a ransom for sin at Golgotha and was buried and three days later resurrected and some days later ascended into Heaven and will soon come back to rule and reign on this earth (ref).

I am not going to use a lot of Bible verses, just a few, because if someone does not believe the Bible is the Word of God then providing a bazillion verse references will only exacerbate matters.

Here I go…

I believe Lucifer was a created being, an anointed cherub who covered the throne of God. He was the most beautiful of the spiritual beings God created. Over a matter of time he developed pride and misplaced and used it as a means to have aspirations to at least put himself on the same level of God. It was this attempt that he apparently tried to carry out that resulted in him being punished and expelled out of Heaven (technically the third heaven) which is where God’s throne is (Isaiah 14:12-26; Ezekiel 28:12-19). Through this expulsion he changed and gained the name of Satan. Through this he changed but he can still appear to human beings as an angel of light or pretty much however he wants to appear.

Satan saw God recreate the earth and create Adam and Eve and he saw immediately a means to attack God and that was to ruin these two beings. Through deception he got Eve to disobey God and the Adam willfully disobeyed God choosing to follow Eve. God appears in the garden of Eden and Satan is there with Adam and Eve. Pay close attention. God pronounces judgments and prophecies what will eventually happen (Genesis 3 and specifically verse 15).  “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Satan is wiser than any human being. Satan heard the judgment and knew immediately what it was implying: a virgin would conceive and give birth to the Savior of all the creation. He understood this because a woman does not have seed and yet look at the verse again. Something was going to occur that involved something outside of human flesh to create a very special human being. Now much could be said as to what would transpire but I will limit it to two thoughts. The first is Satan knew he needed to wipe out a specific line/heritage so as to frustrate the birth, maturation and victory of this special human being. The second, one of many fail-safe plans, he needed to pervert the words of God so as to get any future offspring to not correctly understand and believe it.

In the first case we see Cain killing Abel then fallen angels coming down and polluting all of creation resulting also in what is known as giants (that is something for a different post, Genesis 6) such that only one man and his immediate family are genetically clean, righteous – Noah. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. God wipes out all of His creation with a flood.  Time passes and God selects Abram (later his name is changed to Abraham) and God tells him that he will bless him and give him a great land. Fast forward Jacob whose name is changed to Israel, Joseph, Moses, Pharaoh, what follows is a history of war, blessings, disobedience and judgment over and over again. Also over this period nations try to wipe out the people of Israel. Fast forward to around 3 BC a virgin conceives and later gives birth – what happens? As soon as Herod finds out he has every child 2 years and younger murdered. Why? Twofold, Herod was trying to preserve his throne and Satan was trying to kill that special human being that God said would save His creation about 4000 years ago.

In the second matter, in those 4000 years Satan rose up Nimrod (Genesis 10 & 11) who was worshipped and later Semiramis and Tammuz and the whole shebang when you study it is a woman who gives birth from the gods and she has a son who becomes her husband and he dies and is resurrected and do you see what is happening? From these starts the mystery religion is formed and it goes from the area of Persia down to Egypt back out to Persia and Palestine and then up and over to Asia Minor and Europe. Through the years its teachings change and adapt and grow to entangle cultures and people (see the definitive work about this: Hislop’s Two Babylons). From history as many people already know you can trace religions which taught a virgin born baby, a baby that was god, a god that was one yet many, blood sacrifice, resurrection of god-being, etc.

Satan is not foolish or ignorant. He knew exactly what to do to gain the best chance of blinding people to the Truth and have them dwell in Hell with him for all eternity. The human race is a means to an end to him. The end is his efforts to hurt and frustrate God. He knows what the end will be. He believes God’s word though he convinces humans it is all fables and lies. He knows. Remember he was in existence before the earth and creation was brought into being. He knows God and he knows God will keep His word.

At this moment Satan is the god of this world. Soon the Lord Jesus Christ will come and defeat him and wrap him in chains to bind and throw him in the bottomless pit. Jesus will then rule and reign on this earth (Revelation 19 & 20).

So what are you going to do with this information and Jesus?

[please forgive type-o-s and poor grammar]