Can it be that THE rat is finally cornered?

THE RAT: Mueller…

“He’s having a very bad week. First, he had to admit to Paul Manafort’s attorney that he had absolutely no evidence he colluded with the Russians, then a federal judge accused him of running a sham investigation for the sole purpose of impeaching the president.

And now he needs to delay action against a company he accused of colluding against Hillary filed for discovery, which caught him by surprise since he probably has no evidence and he never thought any company would challenge him. It seems he has even less than anyone thought.

It may not matter because his investigation could be over in the next two weeks anyway. That’s the deadline for Mueller to turn over the unredacted order creating the special counsel. If the order does not give him the far-reaching powers he claims, the judge could let Manafort go, absolve Michael Cohen and essentially shut down the investigation. And if the order is as far-reaching as Mueller claims, then it is in violation of the Special Counsel Act and the order would be declared null and void and Mueller would have to hit the unemployment line.”

full article here

2 cents: What has LONG been needed is legal and ethical actions taken against Hillary and Bill, Hussein the chief empty suit, Mueller, Comey, etc.

We, the citizens of the USA and people especially government across the world need to see these individuals and the rest of the deep state, the falsely labeled progressives, globalists prosecuted SUCCESSFULLY for their crimes. REAL TIME in REAL PRISONS. Nothing less. And if successfully prosecuted for treasonous acts then JUST PUNISHMENT GIVEN as it has been historically.

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Glory to God in the highest, THEN - peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14). So peace on earth and goodwill to the human race can not occur until their is first - Glory to God in the highest. This will never be accomplished nor desired by the UN or the USA governments. Hence the Second Advent.

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