Get educated

My 2 cents about the maelstrom that is swirling in our country. It is being manufactured by the radicalized liberals through out our government agencies, MSM and technology giants are pushing what appears final preparations for something horrible that is going to perpetrated on citizens. MSM is constantly flooding MSM and social media with lie after lie.

Get educated. Get it from the source. Don’t rely on the fake news MSM.

Infowars has been set up deceptively as a straw-man.

Lester Holt is a liar. Matt Drudge knows it and has tried to bring to the world’s attention.
Start watching the video at 1:48-7:17.
Watch this, get educated. Share it.


This is all in prep to sway uneducated prior to mid term elections. This is in prep to silence conservatives’ voices on the web/social media.

#potus #alexjones #infowars #how has msm lied to u today? #wwg1wga

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