Get educated

My 2 cents about the maelstrom that is swirling in our country. It is being manufactured by the radicalized liberals through out our government agencies, MSM and technology giants are pushing what appears final preparations for something horrible that is going to perpetrated on citizens. MSM is constantly flooding MSM and social media with lie after lie.

Get educated. Get it from the source. Don’t rely on the fake news MSM.

Infowars has been set up deceptively as a straw-man.

Lester Holt is a liar. Matt Drudge knows it and has tried to bring to the world’s attention.
Start watching the video at 1:48-7:17.
Watch this, get educated. Share it.


This is all in prep to sway uneducated prior to mid term elections. This is in prep to silence conservatives’ voices on the web/social media.

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An admission by Planned Parenthood?

Image taken from the new PP Manifesto.

So is this an accidental admission by PP? (circled area added by me)

Seems to me they are admitting that the female does indeed abort/murder a child because the point is about having children…

DNC & all of their radicalized liberal dimwits should not be ELECTION MEDDLING!

McInnes replied:

“Trump has to stand up and say ‘this is not the free market, this is collusion with the DNC and big business and big tech and that’s illegal, that’s unamerican, that’s not acceptable.’ The whole reason that InfoWars was shut down was because the DNC saw him as a threat, the whole reason me and the Proud Boys were shut down is because the DNC hated our millennial appeal. We can’t have the DNC deciding how big companies behave, that’s called fascism.”

quoted from Breitbart article: Exclusive–Twitter Target Gavin McInnes on Solution: ‘Trump Has to Step Up’


2 cents: PRESIDENT TRUMP: the radicalized liberal democrats are ELECTION MEDDLING!!!


Hey Patriot!

We are NOT the minority!!
MSM, DNC & TPTB are working overtime to make u & I think we are the minority.
But in the 2018 elections We ALL NEED TO VOTE.
We are undoubtedly going to be in competition with many dead citizens, illegal immigrants, and
anyone else the DNC & George Soros can get to vote a few times.