FISA Court Complicit?

Justice Watch article

“It is disturbing that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance courts rubber-stamped the Carter Page spy warrants and held not one hearing on these extraordinary requests to spy on the Trump team,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Yes, you read that correctly. The FISA court, which is a very special and secretive court, willingly rubber stamped each request of surveillance of Carter Page.

National Security Division] FOIA consulted [Office of Intelligence] … to identify and locate records responsive to [Judicial Watch’s] FOIA request…. [Office of Intelligence] determined … that there were no records, electronic or paper, responsive to [Judicial Watch’s] FOIA request with regard to Carter Page. [Office of Intelligence] further confirmed that the [Foreign Surveillance Court] considered the Page warrant applications based upon written submissions and did not hold any hearings.

One of the reasons for the FISA court is to insure the protection of the rights of USA citizens and yet they have a process which a judge can quickly (and apparently repeatedly) approve surveillance of USA citizens without attempting to follow due diligence.

My question is simple, is FISA broken or corrupt?

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