How has MSM lied to u today?

Yes, we can ask this everyday and we will find occurrences of such unethical & unprofessional behavior.

Take this example by the establishment’S leader of journalism and investigative reporting in the USA, the NYT.

The tale about the $52K curtains.

Shame, shame, shame NYT. And u feign shock and hurt feelings when President Trump and the rest of those who want to MAGA refers to u as “fake news”.
No one asked me, but I’m gonna give my 2 cents. I don’t think the President or MAGA should use the phrase “fake news” because that is just PC language.

What we need to do is refer to such MSM peddlers of falsehoods as LIARS or UNETHICAL or UNPROFESSIONAL. Let those of us who desire MAGA to be realized and KEPT be examples in speech and language.

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