2 cents about matters

Mr. Kunstler interview WELL WORTH listening to

Conservative Tree House today’s article: EXPOSING the TERRIFYING TRUTH BEHIND THE HOUSE’S ACTIONS.

2 cents:

Collusion is going on and it is with malice and forethought!!!

2 cents:
When will it be okay for the people who have elected the President to storm Congress and physically remove these criminals from their offices?!
They (DNC and RINOs) are hiding behind:
1. elections (and their meddling)
2. DC police
3. the fact conservatives and such who voted for President Trump are followers of the rule of law


Too big to fail was the lie for the bailouts in 2008.
I fear the Barr/Durham/Etc. process is at the end going to treat specific people (CRIMINALS & TRAITORS) as too big to fail.
At that moment we need to take over the government by force and start it over.


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