2 cents on economy and the radicalized left

I suspect the likes of Nike, Starbucks and such will always cater to the radicalized liberals because they know that they are the “cry babies” of society. These are the individuals who will turn and be bullies if they suspect the other is weaker than them (see Antifa, see adults taunting children who have a […]

The degeneration of our society

I am working on a post that (I hope) will provide an analysis of material I have been digesting over the past six months. I have found it quite interesting that over the past month I am seeing others who are writing or recording about very similar matters and are coming to many of the […]


Why is it wrong to speak the truth? Why is it right to change the definition of the word “truth”? Why are the VAST minority of people expecting the VAST majority to abandon their life principles for the VAST minority? Why is the public education system (or put another way: the FEDERAL education system) rewarded […]