Principles & Foundation

To have a life where the purpose of it is to do what you want so as to benefit you even at the detriment of others.
To have your existence be that you are accountable to no one but yourself.
To act using illegal, immoral and/or unethical means under the cover of deception and other ways of disinformation.
To believe you are owed what you want.
To believe that other people are beneath you and distantly at that.
To live operating with the audacity of these previous principles are just and you owe no one an explanation.
Welcome to the CCP

Why does the Democratic Party make illegal immigrants the priority? part two

The DNC is the party for the past 40+ years that has made the legal murder of unborn babies their major principle and policy in order to get votes. Votes= Power

I don’t want to write in language of stereotypes but it is commonly accepted that the DNC is the so-called “right to choose” for the mother to be and the RNC is the “right to life”.

Barring the exception that proves the rule, this would imply that most women who would abort their child would be a democrat.

If we can agree that this in general is the matter, then you can see the DNC’s problem.

The DNC which I often refer to as the party of death and hate has a huge problem and that is that they have promoted above all matters the DEATH OF THEIR POSSIBLE FUTURE VOTERS. Meanwhile the RNC voters though slowing in births per year still propagate voters. If you understand this, you can now look around at the policies in place and the ones the DNC are fighting for the future and see why they are doing this.

Break the family up.
Make being white a crime.
Make being a white male the worse type of criminal there is.
Sum of these approaches is that they slow the conservative voters’ growth even more.
Spread the false teaching of gender identity and pump it in the federal school systems.
Reduction of more possible conservative voters.

Its about power.

Theirs/DNC not yours.

Their/DNC power.

Not the power of the USA.

Their/DNC power.

So illegal immigrants voting is to replace the deaths of the aborted democratic voters.

It’s all about their/DNC power.

Why does the Democratic Party make illegal immigrants the priority? part one

The reason Democrats has made protecting the current illegal immigrants from expulsion from the USA and why they continue to encourage more and more illegal immigration is – as we know about VOTES.

BUT have you stopped and think what that means?

The quick answer is about power and that is true BUT what does that mean?

That they will have illegal immigrants vote in the elections and yes that is true BUT what does that mean?

It means that they know in a legal election that they would LOSE which means they know that their policies and principles are not embraced by the USA citizens in their districts.

The fruit of the all the past socialistic and global policies is bearing and it is all rotten stinky fruit and they do not have a rational reasonable answer or remedy to their predicament.

2 cents on economy and the radicalized left

I suspect the likes of Nike, Starbucks and such will always cater to the radicalized liberals because they know that they are the “cry babies” of society. These are the individuals who will turn and be bullies if they suspect the other is weaker than them (see Antifa, see adults taunting children who have a MAGA hat on (too many to number). They will be the ones to spread flaming lies and hate across the MSM and social media thereby binding the company to the hate in eyes of society. They will be the ones who will not purchase their products if the company doesn’t stand for or (most likely) tolerate everything that they believe at the moment.

Conservatives view the economy as an engine to get goods that you want. They will not en mass protest with hate and criminal behavior if, for example, a store of a company in another state from the consumer, has an employee that crosses the line and behaves unjustly. Its my understanding that a corporate/company would have to behave unjustly or/and unethically as a M.O. before conservatives would stop patronizing the store/company.  Simply, quietly quit patronizing the store.


The degeneration of our society

I am working on a post that (I hope) will provide an analysis of material I have been digesting over the past six months. I have found it quite interesting that over the past month I am seeing others who are writing or recording about very similar matters and are coming to many of the same conclusions. In the meantime I am sharing the recent article from Linda Kimball that is quite good and relevant to these matters and our society. Her article is titled Your soul: Cost of admission to Progressivism’s City of Man (new Sodom and Rome). The article takes less than five minutes to read but will “stick to your ribs” for much longer.

Here are a few quotes:
“… seizing control of our culture and mind-shaping institutions (i.e., seminaries, politics, media, academia, music, science, internet), …”
“It stated, essentially, that traditionalists are mentally disturbed. Scholars from the Universities of Maryland, California at Berkeley, and Stanford had determined that social conservatives…suffer from ‘mental rigidity,’ ‘dogmatism,’ and ‘uncertainty avoidance,’ together with associated indicators for mental illness.“ (‘Social and Emotional Learning” Jan. 26, 2005, 

For more than eighty years, but with great speed and force since the 1960’s ‘sex, drugs, and rock’n’ roll’ revolution, America’s Progressive ruling class has been stealthily undermining America’s founding worldview, seizing control of our culture and mind-shaping institutions (i.e., seminaries, politics, media, academia, music, science, internet), and through them moving our society away from a Biblical/creational worldview to the evolutionary, mystically Gnostic pagan model that undergirds the Progressive fantasy – a City of Man.

Under the guiding hands of vicious Progressive Leftists, straight white men and orthodox Christians are subjected to fiendish psychological bullying while compromising ‘progressivized’ Christian intellectuals and thought-leaders move the church toward faithlessness. At the same time, the wicked are transforming America into a modern version of Sodom and Rome where sodomy was normal, boys were routinely corrupted and perverted by sadists, unwanted babies were sacrificed to the gods (demons), and powerful demoniacs controlled society.

On a daily basis, Christians are psychologically beaten and pressured to self-flagellate as a condition of surrender to the pagan ideology (James 3:15) of pagan ‘elites.’ When Christians give into worldly pressure and ideology it means they’ve submitted their wills, hence their minds, bodies, and children to wicked men and the evil spirits working through them. Surrender means living a lie and falling into a bottomless pit of depravity and insanity, such as acceptance of gender neutral terms like partner, gender queer, gender non-conforming, misgender, two spirit, hir, hirself, zir, and zirself rather than man, woman, husband, wife, mother, and father. The world calls the surrender of will, mind, and body ‘brain washing.’