No “mis” in the impression

A succinct synopsis of the stupidity and failed leadership of the WH and its chief empty suit. See when you “lead from behind” what you are really doing is attempting to be on the winning side. When you play both sides you are doing the same thing. When you are caught doing this you will […]

News out of Egypt

Egyptian Army Chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took to state television to announce that the head of the country’s constitutional court would take over as president until new elections are held. “We’ll build an Egyptian society that is strong and stable, that will not exclude anyone…and end the conflict,” Al-Sisi said. He said military leaders had […]

Focus domestically

The government of the USA has more than enough matters domestically that requires attention and/or funds to either create or improve so why not focus on those? Why spend dollars and other resources for a civil war in Syria, especially when your choice to back is the group that has blatantly and repeatedly pledged its […]

Middle East at the center

Russia, Syria and Iran desperately hope to provoke Israel into a bad move so as to unite the Arab voice against one common enemy – Israel. Hizballah wants all the weaponry possible from Russia as a means to punish Israel for existing. Iran needs Hizballah to be armed to the teeth in the need for […]

Quick mentions

Egypt becoming a nightmare for MB Iran staying below nuclear red line ahead of election/vote Too tired to comment…  

Another week goes by

Hizballah has got hold of chemical weapons For the first time in many years, voices in the US administration were criticizing the Israeli defense forces for under-reacting and, in this case, also underestimating the chemical weapons threat emanating from Syria and neglecting to pursue counter-measures. This is what visiting Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak heard […]

Sad state of things

Not a peep heard. I have not been able to locate anything anywhere in which the so called journalist and news reporters exclaim “Liars!”. No where am I able to locate someone hanging around the CES’s head the mantle of protector of the Islamists. Here is a recent exclamation of the MB and their cry of […]

Catching Up

Egypt > Morsi played his hand too early and now he is having to fold. Egyptians need to realize that was simply one hand of many to follow and if he has any wits about him, he has learned from this go around. MB will not give up, they have waited for something like 70 […]


A good article that summarizes and reports on the events in Egypt since the new power-grab by Islamist Morsi. Interesting that buried in the article is a statement that many equate the MB as an arm of our president’s administration. It seems to me that Morsi actions were taken because he believed he gained political, […]