Anxiety and sweat -ch10

30 to 1, that is not ratio of girls I had asked out and how many accepted. It is the statistic that reveals how many post-it note sheets it took me to write in order to get the one I was happy with, placed on the box of candy. I am not sure if it was […]

Aisles – ch9

Once I entered the store I saw her in her usual checkout lane. I did not have to worry about time since the store had 55 minutes till close and she was still here. I headed to the card aisle and browsed for a “thinking of you” type of card that was nice, courteous, not […]

Relief and resolve – ch8

I had successfully procrastinated for two days any action in reference to Tessa. I had allowed work, the internet, and errands to consume my daily life. That is not to say that she had not crossed my mind. It was now Friday I had an hour left before being forced to face a weekend of free time […]

Sabotage – ch7

Setting my drink on the table I opened my backpack and removed the latest edition of The Week magazine. (Great weekly magazine by the way – and no I am not on their payroll.) I always start with section that is usually around page 10 which is a “people” section. I am reading and enjoying my […]

Reason and coffee: not strange bedfellows – ch6

After mulling, worrying, fretting, and every other similar defeating action I decided that I would put aside the notions of asking Tessa on a date. I successfully reasoned with my self that, first – I did not need all this stress and anxiousness in my life and most certainly these feelings explain a subconscious omen to keep me […]

Protecting the vision – ch5

I stewed over the ordeal for a couple days. Having to work for a living and the type of drama that often unfortunately plays at work kept me from getting out of my cell on time to pick up something at the store before they closed at 6. I guess that added to my exasperation but also […]

More than a transaction – ch4

She was doing her job like she always did. She smiled and talked to the customers and I noticed that each customer left her cashier with their products packed into bags and with a smile. Customer after customer, old and young, male or female – always the same result. I reassessed the contents of my cart […]

Eyes to see – ch3

At the bookstore, armed with a cup of hairy eyelid peeling cup of “coffee” I began browsing the magazines. I decided to skip current events and economics and was faced with the two-tier section of women’s magazines. Onto the next shelf which was a mix of computer related, gamers, and music magazines. I took another cautious sip […]

An unspoken principle – ch1

My eyes were closed but I could see the brightness of light. The warmth of the sun made its impression on my face as it grasped me. A moment, one rarely noticed, never mind enjoyed, was mine – then. Yes it is correctly noted in the past tense. That was the moment I learned the […]