Turtle Forth

Some hard fought wisdom from Ms. Fitts that I am sure others will benefit from:

My use of the word turtle as a verb began in 1998 during a period of extraordinary stress.

Almost all of my 1,001 best friends and colleagues decided to go with the flow of the financial coup d’etat. That meant playing along with the lawlessness towards our fellow man involved. I did not. I split away from the herd.

This made me a target.

Being a target is time consuming. I was ordered by a complex governmental matrix to do more work each week than I had hours to do or resources to fund. I faced a mountain of demands from parties who regularly ignored and broke the law. The double standards numbered in the hundreds, then thousands. My name brand accountants lied and dirty tricked me. My name brand lawyers lied to me. Partners and employees lied and dirty tricked. Family members betrayed. (Story here and gruesome details here)

The ultimate goal was to “kill, steal and destroy.” The process was brutal. There was no mercy and little kindness. The goal was to get me to kill myself or go mad and to so handicap me that I could be proved a “failure” in the eyes of the world.

Instead, I decided to “turtle.”

I ignored the fact that my situation was hopeless and chose to “turtle” forward. I did my best. I went slow and detailed. I never stopped taking action, moving forward.

I appreciated those who helped, no matter how modest their contribution was. I chose to be grateful and to trust that I was moving out of that which was unhealthy to where I belonged.

I made a list of things that gave me joy at no cost called “the beauty list.” When my heart was breaking, I would pull out the list and do something for myself.

I had candles in the office in midday. I took a break to listen to Bach’s Goldberg Variations and return to a state of coherence.

I had a list of “good things to get done” like cleaning out my closets. When the work demands were too frightening or overwhelming and the black cloud of sorrow would let me do no more, I would pull out that list and do a day of “good things to get done.”

No matter how bad things are you can always clean your closets. Or shine your leather goods. Or reorganize your books. Or call someone who is sick or hurting to see how they are doing. Or cook up a slow simmering pot of chicken soup.

When you wake up the next day, progress has been made. Forward action is a “force multiplier.” The divine intelligence has responded with a note of gratitude and support.

Giving up on corporate media, I decided to simply start answering questions that people sent me – by e-mail, by letter, my phone. I believed that the pathway towards where I was going could be found by being useful to people. No better place to start than with the people who are taking time out of their day to ask me a question. Ultimately those questions and answers evolved into the Solari Report.

I did not develop a business plan. I did not raise capital. I just did my best to help people build an honest map of our world so they could navigate wisely. I turtled my way into a business that serves people I care about and helps me live a free and inspired life.

Each day I turtle forth. My situation has improved enormously. However, much of the world’s situation has not. It is as if the lawlessness that I experienced two decades ago is eating its way around the world. As I watch the cultural debasement and financial and legal lawlessness touch another person’s life, sometimes I think with no pleasure “welcome to my world.”

If it touches you today, pay no mind and turtle forth. There is a wonderful world full of good people and good things. Anything is possible when you leave hopelessness behind.

Letter to Legal Department of Microsoft

Hello, I am writing because I noticed a phrase in your soon to be official Code of Conduct that I believe needs to be properly defined.

vii. Don’t engage in activity that is harmful to you, the Services, or others (e.g., transmitting viruses, stalking, posting terrorist content, communicating hate speech, or advocating violence against others)…
b. Enforcement. If you violate these Terms, we may stop providing Services to you or we may close your Microsoft account. We may also block delivery of a communication (like email, file sharing or instant message) to or from the Services in an effort to enforce these Terms or we may remove or refuse to publish Your Content for any reason. When investigating alleged violations of these Terms, Microsoft reserves the right to review Your Content in order to resolve the issue. However, we cannot monitor the entire Services and make no attempt to do so.


My question is simple, what do you/Microsoft define as “hate speech”?


Such a vague reference, especially in this politically charged environment, is “scary”.


Mailing 4/12/18

A sad anniversary

481 years ago yesterday William Tyndale was cruelly murder and burned at the stake. His crime? Translating the Bible into the language of the people of his country, English. The pope claimed he was a heretic after the charges made against him by Sir Thomas More, Bishop John Stokesley of London and King Henry VIII. Tyndale had to flee England but as he did, he kept working.

“In May 1535 he was betrayed by Henry Phillips as he left the house of Thomas Pontz. He was the merchant who had given him shelter in Antwerp. He was arrested and taken to Vilvorde castle near Brussels. There he was kept a prisoner for 18 months in the most wretched conditions. He was treated like a wicked murderer, when all he had done was translate the Bible into a readable language. During those 18 months, the authorities” such as Sir Thomas More archbishops and priests of the Roman Catholic church tried to make Tyndale say what he believed was wrong, and to say that it was untrue that man can reach salvation by Christ alone. But Tyndale refused to deny the truth, and said he would rather die and join his Lord in Heaven than deny his word and shame him. So in August 1536 they declared Tyndale a heretic and two months later he was killed by strangulation, then his corpse was burned in the city square.”

This is what happens when the Roman Catholic church has infiltrated governments and has the power to operate as it would like to. Things will be no different in the future. Look at the King James Bible( because the other versions are taken from the Greek Catholic text of Westcott and Hort which is the Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus which change words and also omit them). Look in the Bible and read Revelation 13, 17 & 18. No it isn’t a parable. No it is not fiction. It is a warning.

William Tyndale, by creating the New Testament in English gave the reader the opportunity to read for themselves what Christ had done and said. They can read what Paul, Peter, Luke, Matthew, John, Mark, Jude had wrote. The reader could now plainly see for example in Hebrews that the mass was itself a heresy 4:12-5:14; 7; 8; 9; 10:1-18. Much of these text not in the Catholic documents. Or in 6:59-69 that when He said eat his flesh it was not literal but words explaining a spiritual truth.

The further result of simply translating the word of God into English? Those found with a copy were either beaten or killed – by the Roman Catholic church. The Roman Catholic church sought out and destroyed every copy they could gather.

William Tyndale gave his life so that the word of God was no longer bound and locked to  the “common” people. Before he was strangled he said, “Lord, open the king of England’s eyes.”

Since that day, Satan and the Roman Catholic church have been working hard to obscure the word of God, in essence removing from the people the word of God while giving them a “bible”. More on that in later posts.

I look forward to meeting Mr. Tyndale and telling him how much I appreciate what he did.