Roger Waters and his dad

I can’t imagine growing up without my father or mother. I especially can’t imagine not being able to really remember one’s parent. Undoubtedly this daily experience which includes the unanswered questions weighs on one’s psyche. As the years roll by it is a tool in shaping one’s self which includes one’s perceptions, aspirations and personality.

I also think when one thinks of “celebrities” per se we don’t consider them as “Everyday Joe’s” – which they really are. It is just that they also have different talents, circumstances and/or fortunateness in their mix. With some celebrities it is a little easier to see the colors that make up the individual, especially those of the skill and trade of artists, authors and musicians.

A deeper than surface level fan of Pink Floyd and especially of Roger Waters (undoubtedly Mr. Pink himself) knows that Waters has had the unfortunate experiences of having his dad taken from him when he was a mere five months old. I don’t know what kind of relationship he had with his mother or his father’s parents but I am sure he had questions about his dad.

I learned yesterday that Roger was recently contacted with information about what happened to his dad many years ago during WW2. The story is here. I look forward to new music from him as he processes the details and comes to grips with the history of the experiences.

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