Coincidence? Such a thing?

Two real experiences that have happened to my wife & I in the last 24 hours.
Wife: She’s at work, talking on her cell phone with her sister. Her sister mentions that maybe they should view/handle the family property in CA as a time share opportunity. A way to pay the mortgage, taxes and upkeep. This morning my wife opens her personal laptop at home and pulls up the Drudge Report and the banner ad on the webpage is about timeshares.

Me: Talked with my mother about her poor health and other sad things and we talk about when its time to give up and DNR kind of thing. I open Drudge Report after my wife informed me about the above just happening to her and the ad at the bottom of Drudge Report is: “Have you had the talk?” Its an ad about having the talk with your parents about end of life matters.

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