Bullseye – ch20

The days went by and they were much happier ones than all my days in the past. We met for coffee, dinner, lunch, movies, shopping, and any other reason I could come up with just to be with her. Before I knew it the summer had passed and Halloween was next. In our conversations we […]

Priceless – ch19

The rest of our evening went well, actually it went terrific. We laughed with each other about stories, coincidences, and the grandpa who came in to order – and I quote, “a cup of coffee”. He got the typical blitz of questions and terms and when the girl was finished he looked at her and […]

Is music ever just music? – ch18

Settling down in our seats I got the wise idea to keep sipping my coffee thereby she would feel the need to start the conversation. Conniving?  Not at all, actually I surprised I had such a thought in complete clearness and on-time. You know what I mean, AFTER you said something stupid you realize you […]

Is coffee ever just coffee? – ch17

 Let me get to the date. I will skip past the fretting, worry, stress, anxiety, and giddiness. What does that say about me – four negatives to one positive? Truth I guess. I went to café and did not order anything. I found two squishy chairs where we could sit comfortably and plopped. What does […]

Own worst enemy – ch16

I laid in bed, my mind spinning, my eyes closed, and the world going on as it does not concerned in the least with me, my family, or peers. In my mind’s eye I kept seeing Tess which was not helping me go to sleep. My body as a whole was letting me know it […]

Beaming – ch15

Sitting at a cast iron patio table, I placed my ice water on the napkin and lifted my bag up to lay it on the table as well. In front of me was a small pink envelope with my name neatly written on it.  I picked it up and for the first time noticed that […]

A prophetic stomach? – ch14

Quarter after three in the afternoon, fifteen more minutes until I can leave work. My early morning activities have led me to this moment – crusty, nauseated, and heavy eyelids. I am not sure if it was the pancakes, the three pots of coffee consumed, my lunch of fried chicken tenders and French fries, or […]

Too early – ch 13

It was early in the morning, 2:15 to be exact, I woke up. Not a groggy wake up. Not a run to the bathroom wake up either. It was a wide awake, alert wake up. It was Monday– technically – and I did not need to be at work for another four hours and forty-five minutes. My […]

I spent – ch12

I spent the night trying to find the Sandman. I spent the night wrestling with my sheets and pillows. The next day I spent trying to occupy my mind with something other than her. I spent my time pushing thoughts and scenes from my mind of events that had not happened. I tried moment by […]

Fight or Flight -ch11

As I walked over to her I noticed two different things that my action had created. One- the lines from the Boss’ “My Lucky Day” kept running through my mind and specifically besides the chorus the line “life’s a game and to win we must play/ Honey, you’re my lucky day”. Second – Tessa noticed […]