Stick with me plz

Its important to some to use labels of a derogatory nature to isolate and limit impact of beliefs contrary to their own. It seems that individuals/groups that use this type of ploy are unable to truthfully and successfully defend their own beliefs.

Today, 2018, many people have been educated and repeatedly exposed to “thinking” or maybe better put, “seeing” subjects in a briefness of depth. Images and symbols are the subject of communicating. If something contains words, well it better be of a limited number of letters/words. To plunge into an article, isn’t “the thing”. Skim for big words and pictures, if those are absent, read the title and MAYBE the first paragraph (if it is short). Slogans or bumper sticker wording and imagery is best. Think Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr. Short attention span but worse, inadequate ability/skill to honestly reason and form credible thoughts.

Most who come across this won’t read it.

So why write it?

For the 10% who may actually read it.

For the satisfaction of the writer in trying to communicate with others. Hoping in the communicating that they will locate others who are similar in thought/beliefs and if they aren’t similar, still appreciate true diversity of beliefs.

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